Cranio Cradle

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14 vorrätig

14 vorrätig

Relax … tense tired muscles
Relieve … nagging aches,pains and fatigue
Restore … your body to a deep state of comfort, naturally.

Comfortable and easy to use, the washable, portable CranioCradle soothes cramped and fatigued muscles, ligaments and connective tissue throughout your entire body.
It works with the central nervous system to encourage a whole body relaxation.
Within minutes you’ll experience a profound renewal of mind and body.
Comes with step-by-step instructions and links to on-line “how-to-use videos.

Directions for Use: Simply place the CranioCradle under your head, neck or body for 2 – 5 minutes to experience a deeply relaxing calm.
You’ll feel your vertebrae decompress and your muscles unwind as pain, tension and stress fade away.
Healthcare Experts Recommend the CranioCradle.

“The CranioCradle is th eonly product of its kind that I use myself and that I recommend to my clients.” — Diana Thompson, Licensed Massage Therapist, health educator and past President of the Massage Therapy Foundation (2006 – 2010)

“The CranioCradle manages pain,” Sally shares, “I use it myself. And it’s one of the very few products that I recommend for pain relief.” — The Body Specialist, Sally Misso-Dymond, Licensed Massage Therapist.

“As a professional therapist I can look at the construction and design of the CranioCradle and instantly see that its therapeutic value extends beyond just a headache remedy. By placing it under your shoulders or lower back, it enables traction of the vertebrae and a release of tightly bound muscles and back pain. Two maladies that often accompany headaches.” Dave Tomlinson, Licensed Massage Therapist, CST-D.


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