The Thoracic Spine – DVD, Jean-Pierre Barral

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This DVD about the manual treatment of the cervical spine continues the project that Jean-Pierre Barral has started in teamwork with Alain Croibier with the DVD about the treatment of the shoulder and the DVD about the treatment of the elbow, wrist and hand.
The intention of this new approach is to add a new dimension and a series of new techniques to the many manual approaches that already exist.

This DVD about the manual treatment of the vertebral spine focuses on the dorsal spine. The techniques shown by Jean-Pierre Barral are based on the cooperation with Alain Croibier.  From the surface of the organism, the skin, to its very deep intrinsic components, the nerve plexuses, all the  components of the human body are included in evaluation and treatment.

The DVD shows a full spectrum of manual diagnostics and treatment of:

– the dorsal spine and the costovetebral joint
– the various ligaments related to the heads of the ribs
– the costotransverse and superior costotransverse ligament
– the posterior angle of the ribs and the levator costarum muscles
– the lateral angle of the ribs, internal and external intercostal muscles
– the costal arch
– the chondrocostal joint , the chondrosternal joint and the sternosternal joint
– the brachial plexus related to the clavicle

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