The Cervical Spine – DVD, Jean-Pierre Barral

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This DVD about the manual treatment of the cervical spine continues the project that Jean-Pierre Barral has started in teamwork with Alain Croibier with the DVD about the treatment of the shoulder and the DVD about the treatment of the elbow, wrist and hand.
The intention of this new approach is to add a new dimension and a series of new techniques to the many manual approaches that already exist.

The approach that Barral and Croibier have chosen is best characterized by a sort of comprehensiveness that includes all components of the living organism. In this sense the DVD shows the detailed anatomical explanation and treatment demonstration of:

– the skin and dorsal nerves
– the various muscles within the suboccipital area
– the suboccipital nerve
– the brachial plexus
– the cervical foramina (related to disk herniation)
– the cervical dura mater
– the venous plexus surrounding the brachial plexus


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